First Baptist Church of Lomita

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Topical Bible Study

Pastor Miller leads this Bible study every Wednesday night at 7:00PM teaching about many important topics found in God's word. We put a great emphasis on prayer and have the opportunity to pray for each other's needs after the Bible study.

Children's Bible Study

Bible Stories in Chronological Order

The children have been learning Bible stories and memorizing Bible verses starting with God's Creation in Genesis chapter 1, to Noah and the great flood in Genesis chapters 6-9, to the 10 plagues in Exodus chapters 7-12, and the parting of the red sea in Exodus chapter 14.

Women's Bible Study

Current Study: Deity of Christ

Our women meet every Sunday at 4:30PM

Men's Bible Study

Current Study: Deuteronmy

Our men meet every Sunday at 4:30PM 

Bible Study

At First Baptist Church of Lomita we understand that the only way to "know God" as Jesus says in John 17:3, "have our path illuminated" as David talks about in Psalm 119:105, and be "instructed in righteousness" as Paul writes in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 is through the study of God's Holy Word.